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Local express delivery service

Over 35 years experience

We offer a free on-site survey

Competitive pricing

Accurate models and simulations for lighting installations

At MDE Electrical Supplies, we have been assisting contractors across Suffolk and beyond with accurate modelling for new electrical lighting solutions. For contractors with clients that already have their own desired plan for premises or homes, we can work with these plans to provide accurate simulations for suggested lighting installations, spanning lighting, fittings, extensions, switches and sockets.

We’re highly regarded for our attention to detail. That’s because we know how much of a difference the smallest details can make to lighting designs; all of which are fully compliant with UK legislation and industry guidelines.

A huge choice of premium and sustainable lighting solutions

Once your clients are happy with our lighting schemes, you can also benefit from an extensive selection of decorative and industrial lighting products to use in your installation. We work with many of the biggest manufacturers in the UK and beyond, including Inspired Lighting, Elstead Lighting, Astro Lighting, Kosnic, Ansell and Integral LED.

In the current climate, it’s our duty to help you and your clients mitigate the impact of their lighting solutions on the wider environment, without compromising on performance. Many of our innovative suppliers are at the forefront of LED lighting technology to ensure impressive levels of energy efficiency for all.

We offer a free design service

Our experts can walk you through the process of creating a new and effective lighting design for your home or workplace. With honest and impartial advice, we can design and recommend products to turn your ideas into a stunning reality.

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