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MDE Electrical > Products > Domestic Lighting > LED Lamps > Led Decorative Lamps > Kosnic LED Antique Filament 4W E27 Squirrel Cage

Kosnic LED Antique Filament 4W E27 Squirrel Cage


£9.95 Inc VAT

  • The KTC LED Filament Golf lamp has a traditional appearance and gives an even spread of light in all directions.
  • Kosnic’s Home range of LED products brings the energy saving and safety capabilities of LED technology for general and decorative lighting to the home. Offering a range of classic shapes, all Home LEDs are designed to replace traditional filament lamps. The Antique Filament LED lamps have a special coating with a golden finish, that shifts the light to a warmer colour temperature of 2500k. Such light creates an ultra warm and cozy living space while offering huge energy savings over filament lamps without compromising on brightness. The lamps can quickly replace filament products in domestic and hospitality lighting applications, and once in place rapid payback is achieved.
    • Save energy up to 88% compared with incandescent filament lamps.
    • Linear LED filament provides a traditional appearance.
    • Popular B22 and E27 caps.
    • Even light distribution.
    • High lumen output, up to 100lm/W.
    • Long life of 20,000hrs.
    • Instant start.
    • Negligible UV output.
    • Mercury free.


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